Best Time To Place Sports Bets

The best time to place sports bets varies depending on the sport. If you wager on football the way you do on basketball, you are unlikely to see good results.

Each sport should be analyzed and bet differently, especially if you are serious about sports betting in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best time to bet on the most popular sports.

You will also learn to take advantage of the best betting lines available for each matchup. Read on to start betting like a pro!

1. As Soon As The Lines Are Released

This tip works perfectly for football betting beginners, but if you are really into sports betting, you can apply it to other sports.

Opening betting lines for football games are not as sharp right from the start. Professional bettors will see the value and start betting on a number they like, and that money will move the line to the other side.

It’s always a good idea to check the betting lines as soon as they are released. Once you see a number that might be off, you must bet on it because it’s almost certain that it won’t be around as you get closer to game time.

Remember, the sportsbook’s job is to create the sharpest line possible. They don’t care about the final score.

With that in mind, if the sharps or the public hit one side with lots of money, the opening line will eventually move, and you won’t see that number anymore.

If you bet early, you will probably get a better overall number for a specific matchup. So yeah, early lines are a big deal.

2. Betting During The Game

Live betting is one of the few remaining weak spots for the sportsbook. There aren’t many left, but in-game betting definitely gives the player a slight edge.

Oddsmakers usually set up a betting line, and then the market sharps that number, throwing money to one side or the other. We explained it in the tip before.

Well, the oddsmakers don’t have the luxury of time during live-betting events.

Sure, they will still post odds, but that number is never perfect. That’s when savvy bettors take advantage of a wrong number or an overreaction by the sportsbook.

Live betting remains one of the best options to beat the sportsbook. It’s the most vulnerable spot.

3. Betting As Soon As News Hit

Few things move a betting line like a massive injury. A key player listed as questionable could keep the betting line on hold. That number might swing once we find out the player’s definitive status for the game.

Bettors who take the business seriously are constantly waiting for news about injuries on key players. They will jump on a line as soon as the information hits the mainstream media.

Many are faster than the sportsbook and take a good number before the sportsbook can change it.

Following the example of the sharps behaviors, good bettors should jump on a line as soon as they learn about injury news. Often, you can beat the sportsbook by placing a bet before the number moves.

What Is The Best Time To Bet On Popular Sports?

I have previously shared some general tips about timing your bets. But it would be crazy to tackle every sport the same way.

Each sport and league it’s different and complex by its own merits. Good bettors have different times to bet on a specific sport.

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