Shortly about us.

Our Story

weDoWeb started as a simple common idea, after many challenges in and out of Albania - across the heart of Europe, by developing web projects of any purpose and dimension.

Our Profile

At weDoWeb, we got to work every day because we want to develop the highest quality websites and solve the biggest problems in desktop and mobile. We don`t guess, try, or experiment - because after many years of experience, we are used to have great ideas, make strategic plans, and collect the positive results in a short amount of time.

Our Mission

... provide the most beautiful and effective web products.

Ervis Drekaj

web / php developer

Ervis Drekaj

"It`s more than a decade; more than a million lines of codes I`ve already composed. Programming is an art, a poetry. I love poetries."

Sarah Mathews

web / graphic designer

Sarah Mathews

"I love creating. Im a Graphic Designer by Passion - my life orbits around Design, Art and Photography. And it's like a natural extension of who I am."

Elton Shpuza

typo3 developer

Elton Shpuza

"Working on Typo3 is my daily challenge since 2011; yet an excitement. I love Typo3 as a sport. Cause I love sports. Sports and gym!"